1. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  100 series wheels AND/OR Tires

    SoCal Beautiful set of four 17 x7 wheels from a 2005 FJ 100. No rash, no offroad use. $200 for all four, sold as a set. _________ 3 great Bridgestone Dueler Tires like new, date of manufacture 1/20. Deep tread, no booboos, no /70-1<plugs or patches. AND One same size like new Goodyear Wrangler...
  2. hotdogger

    SOLD  OEM 16in 100 Series wheels + 33in Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs

    The tires have about 90% tread left - I've only had them for 11 months. Going to an 18 inch rim so I'm selling it all. Asking $900 obo. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks, Zane
  3. B

    Trade  Williamsburg, VA: Wheel trade; tires available.

    My 1982 BJ40 came with four “wagon wheel” 15” steel rims and one “split rim” steel rim on the spare tire holder. I am looking for a fifth “wagon wheel” for my spare. Does anyone have one they would like to sell or trade for my split rim wheel? Also, I have four Maxxis Buckshot Mud tires (31” X...
  4. T

    Recos on super Quiet Tires for road trips?

    I'm a noob here. Just purchased a '13 Sequoia Ltd with oem 20" wheels and will be putting new tires on. Maybe through luck or something else, last year i put 4 new Kumho Ergun HT51's on my 4th generation 2wd 4Runner with good results. The previous Bridgestone Duelers and Michelin...
  5. Freeborn

    Overshot tire size (??)

    Got a ‘78 FJ40 with what believe is a 2.5” OME lift. I grabbed some 33x10.50 Maxxis Razr MTs as an upgrade to the 31x10.50s that came on the vehicle. Everything I read led me to believe the new tires would fit. After the first run with any real bumps it looks like I have some rubbing in the rear...
  6. phillyd162

    For Sale  Philadelphia, PA SE PA: Kumho Crugen HT51 275/70R16 Tires - Set of 5

    Full set of (5). Open to offers. Purchased (4) new in July 2020, for my Lexus LX470. Put 1,500 miles on them. Perfect. March 2021, bought a matching 5th and had my Lexus dealer put a matching Crugen HT51 on a new spare wheel. Switched again to more A/T style treads. (4) of these are almost...
  7. jdubt4rnm

    For Sale  Albuquerque, NM 4Runner Limited stock wheels and tires

    I have my original set of wheels from my 2010 4Runner Limited for sale. Just recently got a new set of wheels and tires. They are in good shape, with Bridgestone Dueler h/t P245/60R20 tires on them still. No TPMS sensor. The tires are still in decent shape, probably have a decent amount of life...
  8. CPAOvrlnd

    For Sale  Lancaster, PA OEM FZJ wheels with 315 75 16 Grabber ATx

    Located in 17512 Lancaster, PA $1000 OBRO Set of 4 OEM FZJ80 wheels with 315 75 16 GENERAL Grabber ATx 85% tread left no plugs, no issues, all 4 balance beaded with new valves, even wear 1 OEM spare, not full size tire however the tire on spare is trash and the wheel is oxidized
  9. Justintheweb

    Wanted  So Cal: 275/70/16 all terrains or similar

    Looking for a set of 4 or 5 ; 275/70/16 all terrains or similar. Anything less than 6 years old with at least 50% tread to get me through the build process. Still in baseline status but current tires are 14 years old and cracking. Completely unsafe.
  10. jma256

    For Sale  4 x Fuel Blitz Matte Black Wheels + Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx 10Ply 295/70R17

    BUMP Re-posting as I had a sale fall through before the holidays. Have a nearly new (less than 1000 miles on them) set of Wheels and Tires that came off a project that never ended up taking off thanks to COVID. They've never been off-road. Wheels are Fuel Blitz Matte Black, full set, no...
  11. YieldHunter

    KO2 C vs E Load Range Puncture Resitance

    Background: punctured my stock tires on mesquite in first week of ownership. Good news is I already ordered a set of BFG KO2s 285/70R17 116S C1 BSW to go on my new rims that are being installed next week. I chose load range C bc I understood there to be a perceptible benefit in ride quality...
  12. dahlmaker

    Rubbing After Spacers

    I'm running 285 75/16 on my 99 LC. I had no issues with rubbing until I added 1.25" Bora spacers. I now notice rubbing on the inner fender/splash guard as the tire moves to full lock. It's particularly bad when the suspension is compressed. I think I messed up by trimming a bit of it, which...
  13. ElTeaKay

    For Sale  Austin: New Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 285 60r18 Tires

    Two (2) new Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 tires taken off factory new Toyota Land Cruiser. Both tires look the same, so I removed the bag from only one for the photo to keep them clean. Happy to answer any questions or take more photos if needed. Size is 285 60r18 $295 for both. Local pickup but...
  14. adventurefam

    Parting Out  GARAGE SALE: LX 570 TIRES, ROOF RAILS, MATS 2013 LC200 LX570

    Pulled from a 2013 LX 570... Tires: Cooper Discover H/T Plus - $50 Size: 285/50R20 116T Manufacturer's Part Number: 90000002932 Condition: Brand New (Pulled from spare. Never ridden on.) M+S Load Range: XL Quantity: 1...
  15. wiggity

    A/T tire help

    Hey guys, so it’s about that time to replace my tires and I need some input. I’m currently running 275/65/18 GY Wrangler Adventure with Kevlar. These tires are six years old and have aged quite roughly. I’ve only had my LC200 since 2019 and I’ve put on 25k miles 😈 I’m torn between getting stock...
  16. eel32

    For Sale  Denver Area: Genuine 21" OEM Lexus LX wheels and Tires (4)

    Lexus LX570 OEM 21" wheels and tires (4). Bought new wheels/tires for my 2016 LX and decided to sell the OEM ones. Great condidtion. Old lady owned the vehicle before me, so easy/light use. Normal wear and tear on the wheels. Light scratching, if any, on the wheels. Dirty, but all wheels and...
  17. Baja73

    For Sale  Florida- Wagonwheel 15” Rims (Not OEM)

    I have five 15” rims with tires for sale that I removed from my 73 FJ40. The tires are 31 x 10.5 but are dry rotted and not safe for daily driving. The rims are in good shape with minor surface rust. These would be ideal as is for use while you are building your rig to roll it around or could...
  18. FZJ8xero

    SOLD  LA/OC: LT285/75R16 126R Pathfinder AT All Terrain tires w/ 13/32" tread left

    Hi all, Up for sale is a set of 4 Pathfinder AT All Terrain tires. Size: LT285/75R16 126R E1 OWL Overall Diameter: 32.8" Brand New Tread Depth: 15/32" Current Tread Depth: 13/32" Mfg Date (DOT): 1218 = March 2018 Discount Tire / America's Tire cost: $172 ea More spec details here...
  19. Ghostrider I


    Right, my latest acquisition a '94 triple locked needs tyres. What other sizes other than 285/75(?)/16 do I have? I am not looking to hard core wheel, I have the HDJ-80 for that.
  20. M

    For Sale  5 Nitto Terra Grapplers 315/75/16 aka Metric 35"s on 100 Series Wheels- Denver

    5 Nitto Terra Grapplers 315/75/16 aka Metric 35"s on 100 Series Wheels- North Denver. 8/32nds tread remaining of the original 11/32nds, 1 tire has 100% due to being a full time spare. Mounted on 100 Series Land Cruiser Wheels. Wheels show typical wear for the age. Wheels also fit some...
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