1. Portmanteau

    For Sale  SoCal - Set of LX470 OEM 18" wheels - have center caps

    Hi All, I am going to have my '07 LX470 OEM 18s available in about a week or so as I am moving to 16s when I install my new suspension kit (just waiting on parts right now). Curious to see if anyone would be interested in these, otherwise I'd probably just get rid of them as I don't really...

    For Sale  Stock 15" wheels (1995.5-2001 Tacoma) with 32"x11.5 Yokohama Geolanders and spare...

    Located in Charlotte NC. I'm upgrading wheels and tires. Original owner so I can vouch for them. Wheels are currently plastic-dipped black. There are only minor blemishes underneath. The plastic center caps however, did not age well but I have them and they look fine plastic-dipped. The tires...
  3. 1972FJ40

    For Sale  FJ80 wheels /tires

    bump. Price listed. Will ship - buyer pays For Sale.... 4 FZJ 80 wheels on toyo mud terrains. 35/12.50 r16 75%tread, center caps and lug nuts as well Spare available possibly— need to find one before I sell it😁 $ 800.00 Location Asheville NC Bought new wheels... need the space call me 256...
  4. Lenny33

    SOLD  18” Lexus Chrome Rims and Michelin Defender LTXs

    Selling a complete set of 18” chrome Lexus rims (should work for most Toyota’s that can use an 18” rim) with TPMS and lug nuts with mounted Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires. These tires have 9/32” tread depth left (new is 12/32) so they are still relatively new and work great in the snow! Tires...
  5. ProBoy

    FS: 2018 LC200 Wheels + Tires

    2018 Toyota Land Cruiser 75195 Wheels 18" Rims Factory OEM 4261160C20 . Condition is Used. Had 15000 miles #1,2,4,5. Full size #3 unused. Minor side wall damage on #2 seen on picture. OEM quality guaranteed. Got new wheels so gotta clear my garage. Ins: LC200ER Pictures

    For Sale  Hot Springs, AR - 5 FJ40 OEM White Spoke / BFG's

    Set of five orig1980 FJ40 OEM Steel White Spoke Wheels with 31x10.50R15 BFG MT's with less than 2k miles. $1500 for the set. Thanks for looking.
  7. BigMF

    Method MR313's on LX

    Anyone have experience with the 17" Method MR313's on their 2011'ish LC or LX? They have a +25 offset and I've read one person say here that they should fit, similar to the Icon wheels with the +25 offset. Thanks in advance!
  8. BigMF

    Moto Metal 17" wheels on 2011 LX570?

    Hello all, first time poster here. I'm looking to upgrade (downsize?) the wheels on my 2011 LX570. I currently have the factory 20" wheels but want to go down in size so I can get the benefits associated with that. I've heard that there are limited options in the 17" range, specifically the...
  9. G

    SOLD  Tundra BBS 20” wheels and Bridgestone Dueler AT Tires 275/60/r20- like new

    Professionally powder coated matte black. Less than 1000 miles on tires. $1100. Atlanta GA.
  10. KUpchu9702

    ICON alloy wheels?

    Does anyone have experience mounting 17" ICON alloy wheels such as Rebound or Compression series wheels? Can they be run without spacers on a 100 series LC? These 17 x 8.5 wheels come in a 5x150 bolt pattern, 5.75" backspace, +25mm offset with a 110.1mm bore. I am running the ICON 2.5 V.S...
  11. Nerraw

    For Sale  Glendora,Ca. Lodio drive 3pcs 4x4wheels from japan

    Hello, selling my Lodio drive 3pcs wheels from japan 16x8.5 +52 square set - will come with full set of lugs as well. Only wheels $899obo plus shipping
  12. lifeofreilly

    TRD 17" RW Wheels on a 2018 200 series?

    Hi, I see that these wheels are quite popular since they are forged and hub centric. Can someone confirm that PTR45-34120 will indeed fit on a 2018 US based 200 series. It sounds like brake rotors on the recent models may be a bit larger and wanted to ensure that is not a problem as all of the...
  13. firefight

    For Sale  5- 80 series rims SoCal still available

    Selling 5 stock rims off 80 series Land Cruiser. 6 lug pattern. Good condition. There are mixed tires on them, hold air, about 33 inch tires, but no Guarantee on them. Im in Lake Arrowhead. Can meet in the Inland Empire if needed. $400 Will post pictures tomorrow.
  14. C

    For Sale  Colorado set of 4 Black Rhino wheels,TPMS, tires 200 series cheap

    285 50 20 off brand tire with about 6k miles on them. Came off of lx570. Summer tire tread. $600 for the set with lugnuts. Rims are silver. Great condition but I no longer need them. May fit newer tundra and sequoia.
  15. M

    New Member- 200 Series Wheel Question

    Hello all, Seeking out anyone who has put stock wheels (16'-19') on a (08'-15') 200 Series. I'm currently in the market for new tires and want to swap wheels to the newer OEM style like the picture attached: Thanks!
  16. Loves2na

    SOLD  Socal- set of 5 100 series chrome wheels with 285/75/16 Ko2's

    The set (5) will come with 4 used and 1 new 285/75/16 bfg ko2's Tire 1- in between 7-8/32" Tire 2- 9/32" Tire 3- 11/32" Tire 4- 10/32" Tire 5- 14/32"(spare) Wheels have center caps as well! The spare is the same style rim but just not chrome (still under car, but that tire is new) $650 for...
  17. phantomkhan

    Help Axle swap Kzj78 70 Series Prado

    Hello everyone, I want to modify my Prado for aesthetic purposes. It is the 70 series kzj78-wide Prado with the flares. As you know that the prado's front and rear axle widths are different and that they are both narrow to allow the tyres to be flush with the fender (flares). I wish to change...
  18. thetransporter

    LC200 center cap for lx470

    Hi, I recently bought LC 200 2013 wheels for my 2001 lx470. I just thought they were the same as the ones used for the later 2006 lx470’s. Anyway, I have a problem with the front ones as the center cap wouldn’t fit. I noticed the ones from the lx are embossed to give space for the wheel hub or...
  19. S

    SOLD  MI - TRD Pro BBS Forged

    For sale - Tundra TRD Pro BBS Forged wheels 18x8. Please message me if interested.
  20. L

    For Sale  2001 LX470 factory 16" wheels with 285/75/16 BFG MT $600 obo

    Rims are in good shape, but the finish is fading in spots. All center caps included Two tires have ~50% tread Two tires have ~70% tread No cupping or uneven wear, one tire has a plug Little dry rot in the tread pattern, but doesn't effect performance Upgraded to TRD tundra wheels is the only...
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