indicator/headlight gremlins

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Nov 17, 2015
Ok so recently my fan belt for the alternator and water pump started to rapidly stretch. Last night i had to get the car home ( wasnt leaving it on the side of the raoad). The battery held at 12v. BUT with the headlights on my right indicator stayed on. This was regadless of key position. Turn the headlight off and thr indicator worked fine but the dash lights flashed. NOW i have a couple of theories. Would a dieing battery cause this? I know the batteries old and will soon need replacing. secondly i know its most likely and earthing issue, but where should i look? In that circut, the main earth. And finally, switch?
Until you fully charge the battery, replace the belt, and test the alternator, I wouldn't look anywhere else. Dying alternators (or very low voltage conditions) and mostly-dead batteries can cause weird behaviour (spelling it this way, just for you ;)) in many vehicles.

After that, I would pull each relevant fuse and be sure they are not corroded or damaged, and then check grounding. I would also slowly rotate the headlight switch on and off and listen and watch for arcing or bad behaviour with the lights. Finally, perhaps remove and check the grounding of your turn signals bulbs (indicator lights) and be sure they are not burned out or corroded in the socket. Do all the easy/free/cheap stuff first, before you start inspecting grounds all over the place.
I thought perhaps a bulb element but that wouldnt explain why they work normally... might get a new battery today, its book in tommorrow to get the belt ect done. Sorry about the spelling it was 4am with little sleep lol

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