I have some buying questions

Feb 24, 2005
I finally talked the Mrs. into getting her a LC. I have 91 FJ80 that she affectionatly calls "the landsnoozer" because of its lack of get up and go. That's OK though because we are getting rid of her Ford "exploder" ASAP.
I test drove a 94 FZJ80 with leather, lockers, 75K miles, appeared to be fully loaded. Asking price $11,990. It was owned by an older gentlemen with three other personal cars and a company car hence the low mileage. Appears to never have been off-road. I did not ask for maintenance records because I never buy after the first test drive. Usually the third time is the charm.

Visual inpsection: Overall condition of the vehicle was above average. It had some small scatches in the paint, the leather had a few small cracks, grease leaking from rightside birf., and it needs new tires.

Road test: I turned the locker switch and both of the locker dash lights started blinking. I then put it in 4lo, the diff lock engaged but the locker lights were still blinking. I switched the lockers off, put it in 4hi and then the ABS light came on. Upon returning to the driveway I noticed a clicking noise coming from the RF.

So it needs a birf. repack at best / a new birfield at worst = ~$500/$1000 (DIY)
Needs new tires= ~$800

1. What do the blinking locker lights indicate? I assume they were not engaged because steering was not affected.

2. What would cause the ABS light to come on when shifting from 4hi to 4lo?

3. I plan on negotiating obviously but is this a deal as it sits or a money pit waiting to happen?



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Jan 15, 2002
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2> 4-lo disables the ABS, and the light comes on to remind you....

3> IMO, not a bad price considering the mileage
May 19, 2004
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Nice price. With that kind of low miles I would jump on it.

1. The lights are an indicater of the lockers engaging, you have to have a solid light for the lockers to be fully engaged. For a rig that has never been offroading it takes a while for the lockers to engage so be patient.

2. thats normal, I believe it has to do with the lower gearing but someone with more expertise will explain it in more detail.

3. Yes very good deal for a locked low miles rig. I paid $7900 for 160k miles decent rig. unlocked


Apr 26, 2004
Right, my 93 took about 3 minutes to engage the lockers the first time they were used, they were 'sticky'. Since then no problems.
Jul 7, 2004
Diff lockers

Well, the price I paid was $20,000 more than the asking price. I bought my 94-FZJ80 in 1997. The blinking lights indicate that the diff lockers have not lock up yet. This is fairly common on a cruiser that doesn't see dirt too much. You should be able to hear the drive motors trying to ingage the front &/or the rear when the switch is rotated. The proper way (not the only way) is to drive in a circle on dirt or loose gravel in 4lo. The center flashing light will go to non-blinking, indicating the transfer case/transmission is locked. Then ingage the front diff lock and watch as the blinking light goes to non-blinking. The same for the rear diff. If the blinking does not go out there may reason to replace or clean the drive mechanism. The rear is usually the one that does not work. Thats what happened to mine and the dealer fixed it for free, after a gave him copies of the FSM detailing chapter and verse on how to do it. Inactivity of using these gadgets will allow them to corrode and/or fill up with water.

David in Denver :cheers:
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