craigslist I have no idea what it is, but I know I like it...NOT MINE

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Oct 22, 2019
San Diego

Toyota Land Cruiser diesel 1979 - El Segundo, CA​

1979 Toyota Landcruiser Hj45 this truck is a 4spd with a 3.9L factory Diesel engine. No power steering but only spots of rust seen are at the bottom of the lh front fender a spot on top of the metal roof. Top speed is about 65 it’s not a speed demon but off road is another story. Truck originally from Australia was imported buy previous owner to New Mexico in 2007. Has never given issues with wanting to start as long as the glow plugs are heated properly. Truck is not currently registered but has clear New Mexico title. It’s a rare truck in the USA odometer reads 92,00 and change Km’s price is $25,000.
Elvis Chavez (909) 904-4387

I think this is Joe Exotic’s tiger transporter…
Seen these first hand in Kenya growing up. Wire size on cage is a tad small for big cats.
Previously used at Jurassic Park to transport velociraptors. I repaired a hole in the wire mesh but uncertain how the seats got so slashed.
I had an 77HJ45 RHD for about 10 years. Most underpowered vehicle I ever owned.

Comes with Toyota Skunkworks top secret EHA (Early Hill Alert) It starts slowing the vehicle down a 1/4 mile before you get to the hill!😛
I talked to the owner last year, very nice guy, he's had it for sale for a long time. Very slim chance this could be registered in CA based on his research, but he was sure optimistic.

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