HZ / PZ bellhousing mounting

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post ho
Feb 10, 2004
Derwent Alberta
so i am sitting here just thinking out loud, is the back of the PZ and the back of the HZ the same?
with the bell housing bolt pattern for the HZ H55F match the back of the PZ bolt pattern?
now i do have a PZ sitting here
i do have a HZ sitting here with the tranny still attached so in a week or so i can do a comparrison but i was wondering of anyone else had thought of this?

just clearing my head from the days creation ...

anyone know?
Should have same bolt pattern! I used have the same thought as well ( few years back).:D R151 compare H55???:confused:
yah, i have a HZ H55F sitting here and the R series leaves me ... wanting.

i will know better in a couple weeks.
post it in the other thread in the diesel section .. but to me you ( us ) should be able to use 21 input H55F behind 1HD-T and 1FZ-FE as well ...

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