Husky Pneumatic Tools

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Oct 6, 2004
Longmont, CO
So I was given a rather large gift card to Home Depot for my birthday last month. And coincidentally I am in need of some pneumatic tools. Impact wrench, cut off wheel, air hammer, yadda yadda yadda. So while I was in there I saw their aray of tools. Are the Huskey tools any good or are they peices of crap?

I am a moderate wrencher. They wont be used daily. Most likely once a week...maybe... I have a 60 gallon Pro 400 commerical duty air compressor 5hp, devilbiss air power company.

Thanks guys,
I have a thing for IR air tools, but if you have the card, I'm sure the Husky stuff is fine for the homeowner/wrencher. You could PM toolsRus who repairs and services air tools and he can give you the low down.

I was helping a fellow mudder who is using Sears air tools and they were quite nice, especially the ratchet.

For an impact gun, I'd get the most power you can afford. If you search, Tools R Us had some specific recommendations that I followed and have no complaints, except I wish I had a bigger compressor.
I have a few, the 1/2" and 3/8" impacts and the socket wrench. The red-handled ones, not the 'Pro' series. Haven't had any problems with them after 5 years or so of occasional use. They do what I need them for. There are better tools to be had, but I don't use them enough to justify the cost.

i've got the pro gun. it's ok. i don't bother with air powered cut off wheels. they suck up too much air, easier to use my grinder with a cutoff wheel. i've got a cheap air cutoff if you really want one, it's yours.
i don't bother with air powered cut off wheels. they suck up too much air, easier to use my grinder with a cutoff wheel.

x2. On that note, I just bought two 4 1/2" grinders at Harbor Freight for $10 each. I've been using a Makita for years, but got tired of changing wheels constantly, so now I've got 3 grinders set up with different wheels so I can go to town on the steel. :D If the HB grinders blow up after the warantee, it's no big deal.

$10? D'OH!

I just traded both of my kidneys for these...

I got into RIDGID cordless tools, and my only complaint is that they don't offer a cordless grinder. I wouldn't use it around the shop, but it would be fantastic on the job, as I'm a handyman and usually only need a tool for 10 minutes or so. Damn near every other hand tool I have is cordless or I have both. I envy your grinder. :D

I've had the Husky Pro 1/2" impact for a number of years now.

I've used the $300+ IR Titanium impacts etc and it doesn't compare to them as far as weight and ouput is concerned, but it gets the job done at home and has been reliable.
I have a bunch of air tools, IR, Dynabrade, Hutchins, Husky, CH, Grizzly, Northern Tool, Aircat, etc. are generally find myself gravitating to the smaller, more powerful and better made tools.

I would go with an IR because their air motors are more efficient. Pricing is only a small bit more than Husky but it's a tier higher in quality and will last longer. You should take a look at the SCFM of your compressor and compare it to the requirements of the tools - the HP rating is meaningless because there are no agreed standards of measurement.

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