how to remove key alarm

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Jan 14, 2010
Spokane Valley, WA
I just did 7 pin mod the other day and remember in the thread someone mentioned disabling the key-in-ignition alarm while there. I'm doing a search now but haven't found any threads specifically talking about disabling the key alarm. There's one where a member pulled out a little blue box, but by the sounds of that method that's going to interrupt the dome lights.

Anyone know a simple, effective way to disable the key alarm?
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anyone know how to do this?? it annoys the s*** out of me (good thing I'll be replacing my leather before long;))
I have 1991 which didnt come with a factory alarm. Sorry man. Maybe post your question on the 7-pin mod thread if its not too old?:meh:
does the frippin loud buzz with the key in the ignition not bugged the heck out of everyone else? I figured someone would know how to disable it!?
Oh, it drives me crazy too!!!!
Found blue box.. was having diff time pulling blue box out, so I simply pulled the plug to blue box. No buzzer. All lights and sounds seemed to be working properly. Anyone know other uses for the blue box? I'm curious if I've disconnected something I'm unaware of.
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