How much steering play before the pitman arm moves?

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May 12, 2016
Southern California
Im trying to diagnose what seems like a lot of sloppy loose play in my steering wheel. I followed the steps in this awesome thread and everything seems good except where the drag link connects to the pitman arm. That has some play and probably needs to be replaced.

My question is now, when turning the steering wheel there is about 2 inches of play before the pitman arm even moves at all. Im not leaking power steering fluid, and there is no noises/whining when steering. Should there be some play? Any ideas? thanks
That play usually is a combination of two spots, some from the sector shaft but mostly from the input section of the steering box. Rebuild the box.
found this rebuild thread - looks daunting. Im going to remove the battery box tonight and try a minor adjustment on the screw and see what that does. If im not happy with it i'll buy a refurb steering box and put it in vs rebuild.

thanks for everyone's help

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