how much driveshaft travel do I need?

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Jan 15, 2006
I installed my cut and turn housing yesterday and with the higher pinion angle my driveshaft fits, but with the weight of the vehicle down on the tires, it only has about 1/2 inch to go before it would bottom out. I assume that is going to be a problem, but how much should I have it shortened? How much room does it need to have to compress? I am also running shackle reversal.
.5 is pushing it. I would say 3/4 would be o.k. ... Check the drop out , I bet you find it scarier at full drop then at full stuff.
I'm assumeing that your shackles are in the front. If you use a high lift or two you can jack up the front of your rig by the bumper to get full droop.Lift the tires right off the ground. This is the shortest your drive line will ever be. Give yourself an extra inch for good measure.
If you had a shackle reversal it wood work the opposite way. You would have to compress the spring untill they were flat to get the shortest measurement.

Long travel front shaft is the only way to go man...

Drooping the front axle/suspension does not give MAX downward travel of the suspension or front shaft extension...

There is axle/spring wrap while trying to climb ledges and I have seen shafts pull apart...The passenger side wheel can be forced down further than max droop, if the drivers front is compressed...

Been here with my junk and many others....have a long travel shaft made, and be done with it bud. :beer:

Good luck!


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