how much actual oil press...

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Nov 27, 2002
is normal for our trucks? i just put in a small mech guage and the thing was reading 98 psi at cold start up 40 psi at idle warm and over 100 psi at 3000 warm ? do these no.s sound right to you guys?

yeh,did the search thing.
sounds a bit high to me, where are you picking it up?
Cool, were finally getting some data. Instagator, can you tell us where on your gauge the various oil pressure correspond to? Thanks

ok i installed the gauge at the filter via a sandwich adapter(oil cooler adpater flex-a-lite) this is to run a bypass oil filter (you know the one every one should install :D) but anyway. i'm not sure if i understand what you mean Cary please elaberate. the sandwich adapter is doing good no leaks but the filter assy is another story (maybe cause of the hight press. (the whole for my inquery)
i'll post a pic of the install tonight when i get home from work. but i have the outlet of the adapter tee'd off for the gauge. and that where the press. is taken from.

the pressure seems kinda high to me , maybe the gauge is erronious, also the gauge in the car reads normal but i resally dont know if that is accurate.i'll try to get more data as the project progresses
here is a pic of where the gauge is located
this the pressure gauge at a cold/warm condition at idle
this is a pic of the gauge at 2k-3k at cold/warm codition
heres a view of the installed unit
does no one here know what the actual oil press is supposed to be ? ???
10Sep2003 (UTC -7)

From the factory manual, the 1FZ-FE should have 4.3+ psi at idle, and 36 to 71psi at 3,000rpm. The oil pressure is checked by removing the oil pressure switch and checking from there.

For reference, the 2UZ-FE oil pressure is 43 to 95 psi @3000rpm, while the 3FE is the same at 36 to 71psi @3000rpm.
thanks drexx i guess i'll have to put the gauge in the port where the oem gauge is

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