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Mar 28, 2003
Nashville, Tennessee
I always figured that the 2f and 3fe in my 60 and 62 were good for about 300k before rebuild. I never got that far on either because I got the bug for the next ride.

Now that I have found the truck that does it all for me...96 FZJ.....power, lux, style, durability (oh, did I mention the locking front and rear diffs) I am wondering how long it will go before major overhaul.....assuming I change fluids and take care of it?

Any ideas? What is the most milage you have heard of on FZJ??????
One big factor is going to be length of journey you tend to do. For example, it is easy for a taxi or delivery vehicle to do 300,000 miles in a few years without any problems. The reason being that the engine never goes cold. That seems to make a massive difference to engine wear. If you are commuting 5 miles to work and back in a cold climate you will wear out your engine a lot faster that an engine that chugs away all day. That said, I noticed in my Haynes that it says the engine should not need a rebore until 200,000 miles. It then adds that Toyota have made sure that the engine can be rebored twice. That means theoretically 600,000 miles ??!!
When I was looking to buy my 80 I test drove a couple that had nearly 200K on the ticker. They drove fine. Smooth engines, no smoke, noise or other signes of trouble. The 1FZE seems like a long running motor in most cases.
180k on mine, have had it for 3 months, absolutely no sign of trouble. No smoking, runs very smooth, lots of power. Used about a quart of oil in 4000 miles (first oil change). Passed smog w/flying colors when I bought it. From what I've read on the web I'm hoping and expecting to get at least 250k or more before a rebuild is needed.
Mine has 153 on the odometer and I have no intention of getting rid of it. It is running perfectly and as smooth as some newer vehicles I have driven. I will take care of it and hope for at least another 150K
I have heard 300k miles was the design goal for 80 series. I have heard this from different people on different lists. In most cases, I considered the sources reliable.

There was a report of one person that saw an LX450 with 600k miles. According to the source, it was used as the shuttle by a Lexus dealer. I have seen a few people post that their early 80s have over 250k miles. Each was happy and planned to keep their Cruiser for a long time.

I'm looking at oversized plots so I can be buried in mine. :G

Hugh might choose to be cremated in his. :tear:

Why would a FZE not last at least as long as a 2F? The 2F had to deal with carb related issues like carbon build up, oil thinning, rich cylinders on 3-4 and lean on 1 and 6. FI solves all those problems. The 2F also has more reciprocating mass with the OHV valve train vs OHC FZEs. The FZE is also made with 18 years of advancements in metallurgy and machining practices. (75 for 2F, 93 for FZE) My own personal opinion, it's a far better motor.
Todd, Agreed.

The 2F-3F engines do have some advantages though, in that they have fewer things to worry about, such as:

Fewer cams
Fewer valves
Fewer main bearings
Fewer cubic inches
Fewer lbft torque
Fewer horsepower......................... 8)

  Add a blower and you have even fewer things to worry about ::)
                            <135 HP> :tear:
                            <170lbft> :tear:

Sorry -H- :dunno:
300k+ with proper maintanance.
:D Beo the Wulf and his Cruiser coffin! I love it! Better be planning that one many years down the road!!!!!
I've always beleived that one reason cruisers are made to last is that they are not built for the U.S. market alone- think GM- in other parts of the world the population cannot afford to drive unreliable vehicles- and does not change out cars on a whim- and there's no marketing behemoth trying to make them do that- so if you want to be competitive, you build vehicles to last- hence you see cruisers in the 'developing world'. I've seen them all over Latin America working hard- and they were not spring chickens either.Unfortunately for us I have salivated at some non- U.S. models- diesel 80's w/ 5- spds!! for example- :p
I think 80's are still made in Venezuela (at least of 2002), but only w/ gasoline engines. Guess gas is (or at least was before the shutdown) dirt cheap there?
Depends on who's driving it. I'm averaging about 8-10k on each 1FZ-FE so far.

Heck Gumby - you know a 2f can run if it even smells fuel, liquor or anything else within a few thousand miles. The 1FZ-FE on the other hand...............................

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