How it worth ?

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Jan 13, 2004
Montréal, Canada
Someone here ask 5000$ (can) for 1978 FJ40:

- Complete 2F motor rebuild with all OEM part. New oil and fuel pump. New wires. New rad, new hoses, new everything.... ! (Wow, It sound like new.... Mmmm :) )
- Rust free frame + new paint on
- new OEM exhaust
- new front and rear brake part incl. the OEM line
- kuckles rebuilt
- new OEM shock

...but the body is off the frame, no floor and usual rust spot !

It is worth 5000$(can) ?
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How much is that in US dollars? I think I'd pay about 1500-2000 for it. Its still a long way from being useable, which means a lot of hard work for you.
A lot of hours, days and weeks left before that is even close to being drivable.
thats a pretty damn good deal is you ask me, i paid 2500 for mine, and it also was in peice but the body was shot, and there was no work what so ever to the engine. if you say that theres minimal rust on the body, well worth the money. 5000CAN is 4,353USD. good deal.
Last year I bought a guys project he bailed on. Unless it’s exactly what you are looking for right now, do the math for fair market price for each part make a total. Now use that total and divide in half, there is a good starting point for what a pile of parts is worth. Adjust up or down based on who did the work and the kind of parts used. So for example the project I bought, a professional Landcruiser shop (also the most expensive one in town) did all the mechanical assembly with new Toyota parts. This made the value go up.

Engine rebuilds are great if done by a competent source with quality parts. If it’s unknown, it’s worth no more than a core in my mind. Harsh yes but unless the seller is going to guarantee the motor a year later once the project is ready to run, its unknown.

From what you have listed if the motor was built by a known source with quality parts I would say $5KCN is on the upper end price wise but still with in reason.

Not sure about in QC, but in ON 40's are not the most common sight. I paid more than that for mine, but it is complete and running. (decent shape, but not perfect)

Tough call if you ask me, do you have any other options? do you have time/space to complete it?
Hi All:

Welcome David! Bon Sour!

There is a lot of work left to assemble that FJ40! If you really want a 40 Series and enjoy automotive work than go for it! But, bear in mind that if you are not familiar with the 40 Series you might find it a trying project.

Best of luck!

If it really is rebuilt with all that OEM crap it's def. worth it I say. That stuff is expensive. I paid $1500 for mine and it didn't even run! I'd go for it... But as everyone else has pointed out you have a lot of work in front of you, a whoooooole lot of work.
5k is probably less than he has into it, but still alot to pay for a project that some one else gave up on. If you've already decided that it is a purchase you want to make (has no relation to if it's a good deal or not depends on lots of other things) I'd start making the guy lower offers. It's not such a steal (atleast if it were around here in central CA) that I'd kick my self for not buying it, but if he came down a couple grand it would be. Depending on why he is selling it (ran out of money, owner died, trying to save a marrage, kids on the way ect. .) he may have a deadline in mind. It's only a good deal if you want a resto rig. If you want a SBC, SOA trail rig, it's the wrong one to start with. Although I'd have no hesitation about dropping a well worn body on a fresh chassis and drive train.
$0.04 (it was alot)
Hey thank you all guys !

Actually, I just looking for a project... and I found this one. Anyway, I also looking to buy a house for my family. So that was just for the information.

I'm very happy with my BJ70 by now... but you know... when I see a deal like that (ok... for some of you it's a deal and some other no !) I alway what to know other opinion... like some of you.

Merci :)

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