How cold did it get?

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Head cook, Bottle washer, and Peace keeper.
Nov 17, 2006
Rodent Central, Az
15 here this morning, and I don't think we will be fetching a Dr Pepper out of this bucket soon...

7deg in Flag.
25 degrees, the last three days, in Paradise Valley on my patio.
Around 26 this morning. I opened up a few hose bibs I have remote in the backyard this morning. One in the RV area is pretty hidden and was fine. The one over in the pool area started real slow. Took a few seconds to really start flowing. It was getting close to freezing. Happy Jack where I would rather be was six degrees. Wasn't sure if I would have enough firewood this winter but for as much as we are able to get there it's going to be plenty.:bang: Maybe a solo trip next weekend just to check on things.

I see the post in the down south camping where thirty degrees was cold weather camping. I remember a elk north of Flagstaff back in the eighties. Sub zero in the morning so once I got my 68 to idle I put the transfer case in neutral and left the transmission in gear so while it was warming up the oil in the transmission would also warm so I could shift it. Fun times. Curious if I would still enjoy it as much or I grown old and soft.:hmm:
Outdoor taps are dripping. Better safe than sorry. Plants have some frost damage but it doesn't look like hard freeze territory so far.
the golf course by our house has frost on the green

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