HJ47 Turbo Diesel Question

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Feb 15, 2021
Washington, DC
Greetings, friends! I have a 1981 HJ47, which I’m really loving! It has the original 2H engine with a turbo diesel. Do any of you know whether the turbo was an original option on the HJ47s or whether it is an aftermarket product? I also have overdrive on the Troopy, which is definitely original.

Wondering how much the turbo makes a difference. For such a big vehicle with 33x10.5 tires I have to say it really has great power!

Thanks for any information you may have about the turbo diesel!

2H was never turbo’d. Many do though. Mild boost up to 8-10psi max. Can go higher with intercooler. Many folks suggest against this but there are several folks running them hard. @Tapage has a long history of hard running.
I also have overdrive on the Troopy, which is definitely original.

Know this an old post but would be curious about your original overdrive? Never seen or found any listing for a OD in any 40 series long wheel base. H55F did not start until 10/82. That was the only OD available in the 40 series and only in short and mid wheel base models.
The (British) Fairey ovrdrive, perhaps?
It seems that they did use it in OZ. Ιn TX too:

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