Highway speed

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Jan 11, 2003
El Paso, Texas
What kind of highway speed should I be looking at with mt 1977 40 ? It has stock gears and 32" tires. Around town on short portions of the highway I seem to only get it up to 60 mph. Also anyone have any experence pulling a M416 trailer with their 40? Just got 40 out of the shop and am running around getting ready for the Lone Star Cruiser club's rounds up. Thanks Mike El Paso TLCA 8009
If your speedo is showing 60 then you are probably doing about 65 with the 32 inch tires. My 78 40 will run 70 if I want but I don't run it that hard.
I have an 81 2F got it up to 85 once, got scared and backed off it was really loud. TBI injection,header,2/1/2 magnaflow exhaust,K&N filter, I drive 65-70 all day long.
my stock 77 with 32's was up to 85 a few times (gps verified), it got very loud, and wobbly, but i'm a dumbass so i went faster
High way speed

Thanks for the informatin. I did forget that I have the stock motor in it. I guess when I start on omy trip tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the 500 mile drive.

Mike El Paso TLCA 8009
With my former 2F and H55F, I noticed that the FJ would do 70+ with the hardtop and doors on, in 5th gear. But, only 60+ with the softtop and full, soft doors. This is an earlier model Bestop.

Since the hard top and doors weigh about 300 lbs, the Bestop must have been generating mega wind resistance.
Hi All:

Well, I always say you can drive the rig as fast as you are brave (or crazy) enough to do so!

Last Summer a couple of us Cruiserheads went on a day trip on the east side of the Cascades with a 4X4 club we had just met. On the way home, I was i nthe mood to get home, so going down the western side of Snoqualmie Pass (in a FJ40 with no top or doors) I must have been doing 75mph! The fastest I've EVER driven that truck; I've been accused of being a "Grandpa" driver!

If you don't have a tachometer, get one and install it on the rig. Most people don't realize that these old trucks are LOUD when one revs-up the tractor motor under the hood! Your "redline" with a 2F is about 4,000 RPM; I like to cruise at 2,100 to 2,500 RPM for best fuel mileage and quiet operation, but will definitely rev it up to 3,500 at times.

If your rig seems to be pooping-out around 60 mph the engine may have issues; need a tune-up, timing is off, carburator re-build is due, etc.


My cruiser humms along at 60-65 indicated with 33's. I am planning a 3K mile trip West this summer and have a route that will keep me off the interstate as much as possible. I've had the thing for 6 years and have become used to going slow----er. And I like it.:)
A cruiser is kind of out of it's element on the highway. Not totally, just kinda.

And like Josie says, use the tach and keep it at or under 3K sustained.

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