High beams don't work

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Nov 19, 2005
Pasadena, CA
My high beams come on when I pull the stalk towards me for temporary flashing, but when I push the stalk forward to keep it on, all the lights go black!

It's scary doing this on the highway at night.

I'm not sure where to start looking for this, I took a look at the stalk today and i'm not sure how I could check the connections for it because it's so deep inside...

Any advice of where I can start? Maybe its a relay under the dash somewhere?

Singing the cruizer blues...

Ditto on the high-beam problem in my '83 FJ60. I've just lived with it so far. If no one has a solution I'll have to start poking around myself.
On my 40 it was the tab that makes contact right in front of where the stalk is on the column. The little tab wasn't making contact with the ring so I bent it slightly to touch when the brights were flipped forward. Not positive it is the same on the 60 but I think it is. Hope this helps..
This may be a remote possibility. This happened to a car I owned awhile back. It was simply that both highbeam lights had burnt out. One was probably out and I didn't know it (for how long?) until the other burnt out on me.
try this, turn on lights, flip on the high beams.....

tilt you steering wheel to the up position, then back to the down. see if the high beams turn on somewhere between up and down. If I want to use my head lights the steering wheel has to be in the up position.
Beaufort, that works!,

that's really weird is there anything I can do to get it to work while the steering wheel is down so it won't feel like i'm driving a semi?
Wow, I have the same exact problem too. Lived with it for a while myself also. I'll have to try the wheel tilt procedure too. But I do want to fix it the right way. Glad I'm not the only one with this strange problem.
you know what the wheel tilting didn't fix it for me.

But it atleast got the blue high beam light to come on.... but still no lights.

Is there a relay for the highebams possibly?
I think there is a relay for the high beams. When you turn on the high beams put your hand on the relay and see if you feel anything. I think it is one of the round ones right under and the steering wheel. Also you can try changing the relay if the are the same one and see if that fixes your problem with headlights but caused tail lights or whatever is on the other relay not to work.
gdtrfb said:
try purchasing some quality "contact" cleaner it worked on my old fj40 after checking the bulbs.
good luck

The high beams work when pulling the stalk towards me , but won't stay on when i push the stalk forward.... so I don't think it was the bulbs:confused:
lonelydriver said:

The high beams work when pulling the stalk towards me , but won't stay on when i push the stalk forward.... so I don't think it was the bulbs:confused:

Thats because most likely the relay is not holding the circuit closed. When you you pull it towards you it completes the circuit until you let go.

Did you try swapping relays?

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