help with my brake problem?!?

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Dec 10, 2002
Juneau, AK
Ok... Here's the issue:

I had for a while classic signs of a failing booster: intermittent hard and then regular pedal travel. Then, almost overnight, my pedal goes softly all the way down. If I pump it, it comes back to almost normal, but doesn't hold and then slowly releases all the way down.

I swapped out the booster, bled everything well, and noticed absolutely no difference. What gives? is it the master cylinder? any ideas?
That sounds very similar to when my master cylinder went on my Jeep. The piston was losing its seal, but if you pumped it, it would come back.
That sounds exactly like a master cylinder...but you should rule out a leak somewhere else before buying a new one.
X3 on the master cylinder - mine had the same symptoms. Replaced the unit and everything was mo better...:)
ditto the above, might also check that the booster doesn't have any fluid in it.

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