Help replacing Starter & Solenoid on 97 LC (1 Viewer)

Oct 25, 2020
New Mexico
Short request: anyone have a link to a step-by-step replacement (The entirety of my mechanical experience is changing oil, changing battery, changing charcoal canister, and tightening timing belt).

Longer request: about a month ago I got stuck at the top of a mountain temporarily after a really bumpy hour-long ride up. Had electric to lights, A/C, and alarms. Jumping it did nothing. Battery connections were good with no corrosion. Buddy crawled underneath and tapped the starter with my gerber as I turned the ignition and it started. Went without any problems for a month.

Went without any issues for a month, then earlier this week, it wouldn’t start after stopping at a convenience store. Had someone pick me up for work and then 10 hours later when I tried it, it started up and I drove it home. Anything else I should troubleshoot before switching the starter and solenoid out? The box on the re-manufactured one says something about oil leaks needing fixed first. I do have a rear main seal leak that I’ve let go for about a year now and possibly the front seal as well.

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