Help removing transmission lines on radiator

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Nov 29, 2006
Fort Worth
I'm having trouble removing the automatic transmission lines on the radiator of my '89 62.

This is my first time removing a radiator. I appreciate your help, a lot! I've got everything off or at least loose, except for the 2 transmission lines on the radiator itself. I loosened the line all the way at point A, but it won't come out.

Am I supposed to remove the line at point A, B or C?

One the second line, I can't get any of the nuts to loosen. After nearly breaking my thumb on the first line, I want to make sure I'm wrestling the right spot on this one too.

Loosen at A, B or C?

Thank you, in advance. Although I'm a rookie at maintenance and repairs, reading through these forums has helped me replace my water pump, thermostat, clutch fan, belts, brake master cylinder and bleed the hydraulics. All in the last couple of weeks! I was feeling empowered, until hitting a wall with these two lines.

Loosen the lines at "B" as indicated on your photo's. Your assumptions are correct they are a pain in the ass to remove.
Spray spray spray with PB Blaster or something like it. I had to use two wrenches to loosen "B". One to hold the right angle fitting in place which A and B are attached to, and one to turn "B". It will turn. I got them off both sides.
If you're replacing the radiator, you'll need to remove "A" to reuse the right angle fitting. Watch for the "O" ring here, and replace with a new one. go to your local hardware store to pick one up for 50 cents.
Thanks guys!

I've been working them with liquid wrench for 18 hours. About to take another crack at them.

Awesome. Always nice when things finally come off.

BTW, where is the drain tap on your radiator? I did a coolant flush recently, but couldn't find the drain tap on mine.
Keep old fittings on rad. may need them for new rad. Mike
The best way to find it is to get on your back and slide under the car. The drain tap (or petcock) is on the lower passenger side of the radiator. Once you find it, you'll never forget where it is.

On my OEM radiator, the drain tap is a white, plastic, and looks like it has butterfly wings. It's meant to be opened/closed without having to use any tools.

Mike, thanks for the tips on the fittings!

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