HELP: Looking for a last minute family vacation

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Nov 26, 2008
Charleston, SC
I didn't think I was going to be able to load up the wife and 3 little one for a get away, but today, I said F*** it, I am out of here and let my partner run the business for a week. Well, since selling my place in Boone a few years back, we haven't gone anywhere in the Upstate of SC or anywhere in NC for more than a day or 2. I am looking at Lake Keowee or maybe somewhere in Boone again. That kind of gives you an idea of what we are looking for. Somewhere nice and secluded, preferably a house, but needs to be located near some sort of activity for the kids and wife. We are looking to take off either this weekend or sometime next week.
My vote would be for Lake Jocassee. Right next to Keowee. Much prettier lake than Keowee IMO and almost completely undeveloped. There is a really nice Bed and Breakfast on the road going into the Devils Fork State Park or if you are into camping the State Park is nice. Don't do Jocassee without at least renting a boat for a day. There are several really cool waterfalls on the lake and some neat spots where you and the kids can jump off rocks into the deep water. The boat rental place is also on the road into the State Park. You probably already know the area but I will add that it is a 30 min drive to Brevard for some cool window shopping and from Brevard you are a stone's throw from Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock. Cool things to see and do. I have more specifics on the B&B and boat rental. PM me if you want more info. We were just there for 9 days in late June/early July camping at the State Park.
You could also try the Brevard area itself. There are plenty of vacation rentals in the area and you are at the gates of Pisgah National Forest (as roadstr6 points out) and Dupont State Forest which is also a pretty neat place. Also a fairly short drive to one of the best German restaurants I have eaten at in a long time in Hendersonville.
I'd skip Jocassee in the warmer months like these. Beautiful, nice deep cold lake. But so damn hot and humid during these months doing anything outside of the water is miserable. I think the only person who slept good when we did the ONSC/UC trip 2 years ago was Marshall because he threw a portable AC in his cruiser and ran about 200 feet of extension cord to the shower room outlet. I slept about 2 hours each night. Now if staying in a cabin or hotel with AC that won't be an issue but it is still very hot and humid during the day where all you will want to do is sit in the lake. :doh:

I'd say Brevard also.... beautiful scenery and great camp sites in the surrounding areas and much much cooler.

Plus I Oscar Blues just opened up their east coast brewery there.... so that is a plus.
^ I 2nd why Al said Brevard is nice lots to do. Sliding rock, fish hatchery, easy hikes and several breweries for the big kids!


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