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Sep 26, 2014
Hi to all
I need some advice re an overheating 1996 Landrover Discovery. We bought it to bush bash in the Pilbara and it began overheating. Thinking it was a thermostat prob we changed that, then the water pump, radiator, viscous fan, head gaskets, all to no effect. Finally changed the auxiliary fans at the front and feeling confident started her up. Sure enough she overheated sitting at around 90 and this is after driving around a tiny outback town at 40k. When we switched the engine and popped the bonnet all the green coolant bubbling out. What on earth are we missing?. It's driving us mental. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Jan 11, 2008
take it to a shop and have a special coolant adapter and unit that places a vacume on the coolant system. Then it will suck in the coolant and there should be no over heating. Have you checked for coolant flow out of the heater hose? Take a empty milk gallon, put the heater hose in it, let it idle, time how much it takes to fill up the gallon then I will post it on

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