Help Identifying adapter plate

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Mar 8, 2007
Santa Rosa, Ca
I bought my landcruiser from my best friend a few years back and it came with a ton of extra (garbage) parts that up until recently have just been taking up room in my storage. I know what all the parts are except for one...:hmm:


Thanks for your help guys!
I would bet that those numbers cast into it would be helpful to know....

I am betting that it is an older AA adapter for between a transmission and a ranger over/under drive gear box...
That makes sense. He had an F motor in it with Ranger 3 Torquesplitter, blew it up (the motor), then changed it to a 350 Chevy But kept the Ranger 3. Thanks for your help.
Like poser said, ranger OD rear case cover. looks very similar to the rear case cover of a ranger OD I had years ago. Ebay it. who knows, but I cant imagine its worth much

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