Help, 2H burning a lot of oil

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Indestructible 47

Jun 23, 2014
Hey guys,

I badly need help. My 2H, pre 1984 with 178,128Km, is burning a lot of oil. The engine its self runs and idles fine and smooth and there is next to no vibrations, but on throttle it blows a lot of white smoke and occasionally some brown stuff. I have just replaced the oil and oil filter and this has seemed to make it worse (I added some carbon cleaner to the oil before draining it). The warmer the engine is, makes no difference. I am stumped as to what the problem is and my only thought is that the rings are gone, possibly cracked/worn badly, which is typical of the 2H (so I've read).


2H's tend to crack heads and if I remember correctly usually let go between pistons 1 & 2, or the diaphragm in the IP is broken. Do a compression test, and if that is all good then look at your IP.

Is it using oil? and don't use synthetic oil in a 2H, as the engine get hot the oil thins and oil pressure drops away.
The oil may be what it is, it is semi-synthetic oil that I put in after all, which could explain why is was worse after a service. I hope that the head is not cracked after a relatively short life... are there any visible signs of a cracked head without taking it apart?
Ages since I've replied to this thread. Well, the smoky thing has fixed itself. All I did was dump the synthetic crap and replace it with the good old mineral stuff. Now it blows no smoke except a little black on acceleration which is hardly noticeable and although it is almost impossible, I reckon it runs and idles a little better.

since I replied to this thread, the engine ran very rough directly after start-up especially if it hadn't been run for more than a week. Once I gave it some throttle it ran fine but was still smoky with this synthetic crap. However, since the mineral stuff has found it's way into the trusty 2H, it did not do this at all. can anyone explain why? who would have thought that the oil could make such a difference?
Run a heavy mineral oil, 30w50, 2H engines like it as my early post said, Even the Western oil from Super Cheap Auto is fine, as its a cheap oil change it more often. Also drop a litre of Vegetable oil into with every tank of diesel, helps quieten the IP pump.
It's funny that Synthetic (or even semi-synthetic) would make such a difference; I run a semi synthetic 15w50 in my 2H because of the turbo, and it runs very nicely, no blow-by at all and a little white smoke (uncooked diesel) on start-up, a puff of black on throttle, and a light black haze under very heavy load. (Eg, for those who know Adelaide, towing a HZJ75 up Main South Road between
Watrob: spot on. I used that western oil and it did the trick... I can't try the vegetable oil till I get a full tank of fuel.

AussieHJCruza: yeah I'm suppressed too... but thankful

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