Help! 100-Series Transfer Case issues!

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Jun 22, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
2001 LC 100. (Note: I am saying Hi/Lo, but the lever reads H/L, and I know the LC 100 is 4WD all the time)

Vehicle in Camp, used 4Lo to get one rear wheel on a rock to level the rig. Temps were cold enough to snow (up in San Jacinto Mountains)

Two days later, as I rolled off the rock, Hi/Lo lever pops into neutral, and gives a clatter as the gears rub.

I go through the standard procedure of stopping the vehicle (parking brake ON), putting Tranny in N, and trying to move the Hi/Lo lever. It is super hard to move, and when it moves a little forward or back, I hear the gears grind.

After pushing the car a few feet, stopping the engine, starting the engine ad nauseum... finally I push real hard and get it into Hi. Thank God, truck runs, and I get out of the woods (and the rain/snow).

In the driveway today, same story. Lever is super-hard to move, gears grind trying to go into Lo. Seems like it is in Lo (when tranny is in N), but pops out when shifted into D. Feel fortunate to get it back into Hi even in the driveway.

Any ideas on what is going on?


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