Heater question….

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Jul 18, 2020
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
When my 1978 FJ40 heats up and I turn the heat on the rear blower blows warm air but the vents up front blow not so warm air….I am thinking about rebuilding my heat box and installing a new heater core…should this fix it as I believe the rear heat has its own heater core…correct. Thanks!
Your heater core could be clogged with debris sitting on top of the fins of the core. You might try to vacuum it out, or rebuild. I just removed mine and hosed it out. There's a lot of info on this with a little searching.
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Yes to rebuilding the front box. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll learn exactly how it works. Keep track of all the small bits. You’ll not know if the core needs to be replaced until you clean it out. May be dirty on the outside like pb4 says or may be clogged on the inside. New front cores are still available from vendors if it turns out you need one.
Get the mouse nest out of the heater core and it will work much better 😉

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