Header with PTO

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May 17, 2003
I am thinking about putting a header on my '70 FJ40. I also am going to be running the PTO winch. The header is going to be a Man-A-Fre 6 into 1 header. I dont know if the header will block the PTO shaft. Any help would be appreciated. Also does anyone know about that exhaust like hoiw it sounds. I am also doing the full exhuast from Man-A-Fre. I dont want it to sound like one of those stupid "rice burners" ::) lol. even though it is a TOYOTA!!!! :slap:
That is my setup. You will have to use the stock exhaust pipe, cut off the front half (or so), and use the flange that comes with the header kit. Their header pipe is designed to cross over Driver's side to Passenger's side, and will NOT work (believe me I tried.) That being done, you will want to pull the whole exhaust system over toward the outside, up against the frame rail as much as you can to clear space for the PTO drive to fit in. I used large metal hose clamps to clamp the exhaust pipe to the frame and pull it over. I also dented it a bit to totally clear the PTO drive.

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