Have you used All-Metal

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Jun 20, 2010
Cumming, GA
I am looking for opinions on a product called All-Metal. I am considering using it on the rear quarters to seal up any pinholes that have not been filled. I also plan on using Rage as a top coat so it isn't going to replace my use of current technology fillers.

I have heard it had a very quick set time and is not easy to sand. I have also heard it is a good product to use for filling larger areas.

What y'all say?

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Last summer I had my sill replaced and basically redid the rear quarters and tub. The guys around the corner at Colvin Auto in Austin did the body work and used All Metal for the first couple floats. My metal was fine so it was their preference as opposed to filling holes. Here are some shots or you can go to "Sill Wars" in the Austin Clubhouse for the whole shebang.


Traditional filler was used for the last pass and sanding so we could make sure the rivets would show through the paint as they did originally. Turned out great.


Since I did not work the panels I really can't tell you how hard it is to work vs plastic fillers.
Thanks for the input. I will definitely move forward with the use of all-metal. I will post up my experience when finished.

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I can vouch for the high quality work that Colvins does. If they use all metal, that makes me confident. They turn out a lot of high dollar restorations. TV show quality stuff.

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