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Jan 5, 2003
San Antonio TX
Grind off a portion of either the caliper or rotor to get the caliper to fit? I'm installing vented discs and 4 runner calipers while doing my mini disc conversion. The holes are close but obviously not close enough. about 1/8" is all I need. I have trimmed the rock shields so it's clear. what else can I look for? I measured the mounting holes on each part and they will line up there is just something impeding the way.
Wow, this question bombed! but, good news, turns out the only thing that needed grinding was the wear indicator on the pad. it was hitting the center of the hub causing the caliper to misalign. Now for the next question. Everything is on and the rotor will turn but with a bit of force. the pads are loose in the caliper so I know that is not causing the problem. When I replace pads on other vehicles I know they tend to be a little tight at first but will loosen with use. Is this the same theory?
depends on how tight it is. is it just friction from the pads, or did you overtighten the spindle nuts?
No, I only have one on and it's finger tight so I'm pretty sure that's not it. but anything is possible. It spun pretty freely before the caliper was installed..
As long as it is just the pads dragging, it is OK. It will sort itself out after the first few times you use the brakes.
Problem is, the pads appear to be loose. I can't see anything that would interfere unless its the spindle nut but I only tightened it by hand
Just the pads but not sure how so much drag can be on the rotor if the pads are loose? and the Tie rod has been removed.. I'll take the fish scale and see exactly how much pull it takes to turn the rotor and post later..
I once had a situation where the bolts went too far into the knuckle...through it actually and were hitting the rotor on the other side. Put the lockwashers back on and it was fine.
Dust shield bolt lengths

Dosen't the dust shield have a short and a longer bolt due to how the mounting area is shaped? I had a simular problem until I figured it out. Wore a nice groove in the backside of my rotor in no time. Might be woth a look. Al
Cool, I'll look at those tonite...

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