Hard start had to hit starter 4 time

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scott fasken

May 17, 2017
I had hit the starter little turn and stop, repeated 3 more times then it hit.

But them white smoke, tired to get home 3 miles, got hot 180 degrees, stopped put in 1 gallon anti freeze. Got home.

So questions:

Blown head gasket?

Possible Cracked Head?

Hydro lock from cracked head? Possible busted rings?

Good news had a hell of a busy week at my firm so I can pay for it!

Suggestions on actions?

Thanks to all the folks who help here.
all of the above????? bubbles in the radiator???? pull the plugs and see what you have... you will know when you pull them then spin it over cold, if you get water out its head or head gasket... do a search pulling the head is easy, once you pull it you can see the gasket, have the head mag'd for cracks and straightness, local shop here is about 150 for a head rebuild. (he is a cruiser head)...
Great happy read know I am on the right track.

It is so nice to have hundreds of friends on Mud, who I never have meet!

Scott- I read your post a couple times last night and didn’t quite understand exactly what happened to your rig.

1. Your starter acted as though it hit a brick wall 3 times, then on the 4th try it spun your engine enough to start?

2. Puff of White smoke briefly after start-up or white smoke all 3 miles home?

3. Do you have an aftermarket temp gauge that showed 180* when you added coolant? I’ve always thought 180* is just right.

4. Is this the first time you’ve noticed low coolant level?

5. Have you drained your oil to inspect for coolant contamination?

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