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Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
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not sure if this is the green your looking for, but its stock on 82-83 FJ40 and very seldom seen(I have only seen 3 others on the net and no others in person) kinda a John Deere green, code is name just green.

it kinda changes color with the light

I'm partial to this green prolly cause it's on my Cruiser :)

there is an earlier green, more of a forest green, try CCOT for the color code
Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
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I havent totally made the decision yet and i still have about a month to think about it. if i do decide to go with the green i will do it right and do the interior as well. i'm doing most of the work on it so it wont cost me whole lot extra, just more time but i love the green and already have one red cruiser. list cruisers as having 4 differetn green colors and i just want the darkest....if any can help please do so...
Its either:

1. 611-dark green
2. 621
3. 622- nebula green
4. 681- green. (years 82 and 83).

I guess if i wanted to be original i should go with the 681 since it was the only green for that year but i like a really dark green.... oh well. maybe its the 622 or 611 b/c i have never seen these. i've only seen the 681 and 621.?

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