Got a new 40 last night and then...

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Sep 1, 2009
Greenville, SC

drove her to work this morning, when i pulled onto 385 from roper mtn rd....knock knock knock

then it sounded like a tool box of wrenches being thrown down a hill.

Got her towed to my parents place, pulled the valve cover to find she dropped a valve in cyl #3. Looks like valve keeper failure. Then the valve and piston got in a battle.

Drove great last night...and for about 5 min this morning.

Now i'm leaving for the beach for a week, got to leave her torn apart and can't get her back on the road until i return next sat.
what no pics of the carnage?
no, it was raining on/off all afternoon yesterday. Was in too much of a rush to get her apart to even think about taking pics.

I tried to get it out before i had to leave on vacation. I lack one bell housing mount on the driver side. It's a real PITA to get to.
yeah, diesel might be happing real soon.

I was hoping to have time to use a felllow cruisers spare tranny/bellhousing to fab parts myself. This was probably going to be long process to fab an adapter kit.

Might go with a SBC conversion for time being since it's pretty much cheaper to put a carbed chevy in with a used adapter kit than it is to rebuild an obsolete F.

I now work at a machine shop where i can turn/bore/line bore blocks/cranks as well as valve jobs, press in valve seats/guides, re grind valves and some what heat tank blocks/parts.

However, if parts are obs and i'm a fan of the gasser Fs (unless they are big and gay) I's proablbly best to just part her out
should have just listened to me and kept the 60.
Wow, that sucks. Sounds like it had 170,000 or 270,000 miles instead of 70,000.

If you go with a chevy I have everything you need for the top end. Intake, carb, dizzy, and air cleaner. Will sell cheap.

cool dude, thanks.

I have a bare 350 4 bolt main with heads but i don't want the headache of building right now. Getting her on the road ASAP is my main concern.

If i need top end parts i'll let you know!
don't have any pics yet.

running to ashville tomorrow after church to pick up another 3 speed tranny/tc that are both top shift.

I really only need the shifter parts but hey...spare trannys are always great to have especially with the reputation of the weak 3 speed T/C!!!

It's got a pretty new paki top...but does not good without it running.

this thread is going to turn into a build thread. I'm just lazy about pics
If your wanting to go with a SBC by all means get the ram jet crate motor.. You cant beat it for the price! Fuel injection plus a 2 year 50,000 mile warranty. BTW I can get them out of Georgia with a 20% discount if you interested
thank you but the SBC is just a temp fix until i can get my hands on a mercedes turbo om617

I'm looking at a few local CL SBC carbed engines between 300-400 bucks.

I'm not looking to spend much money at all on the chevy engine.

If i can find a GM 6.2 with flywheel/bellhousing i'll go with one of those but those are more rare than a blonde haired blue eyed asian chick.
at the rate i am going i may want the gm engine from u when u go diesel.
got the head off last night

valve put 3 holes in the top of the piston and broke the piston free of the pin.

some damage done to head, repairable with new valve guide and seat.
got the SBC fired up for the first time last night!

time to finish up the wiring, put on radiator hoses and take her to the exhaust shop
got the SBC fired up for the first time last night!

time to finish up the wiring, put on radiator hoses and take her to the exhaust shop

Congrats!! I like your style you work quick like me:cheers:

now how about some pics:flipoff2:
i'm too busy to stop and take pics...maybe i can get it to the jocasse trip on saturday and someone there will have a camera.

My daughter is supposed to be an extra in a movie, i'm supposed to send in pics of myself aswell so they can fit me in (said i might as well get paid while i'm there too) and i still have not done that yet.

That's been 2 months ago!

I'm just a slack SOB

taking a month to do a SBC swap is also way too long for me but i've had to do it at my parents house while moving from a 3000 sq ft house to a 1800sq ft house.

every had the feeling that your a little over extended?

I've missed my past two hockey games!!!!

And i live on a pond now and haven't even thrown a line in yet.

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