Getting tag for dirtbike in MT

May 31, 2010
I have been working in this area for half the year for about 8 years now. Next summer I am thinking about making my perminant address in MT. Does anyone know what the proccess is if I wanted to get a tag for a dirtbike in MT?

I am thinking about getting a true dirtbike. Something like a CRF250. I really want a tag so I can connect trails and ride some places that require street legal bikes.My understanding is you can get a tag on almost anything in MT.

Since I wi be buying it used it might even have nothing bit a bill of sale. I figure most used dirtbike owners dont always have a title considering they never got a tag. I would imagine I would need to apply for a title also

Obviously I will deal with stuff like headlight and tail light. I am not really talking about that stuff. Just what is the proccess at the dmv.


Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
my info is from cars and trucks, I'll assume it is the same for bikes.
no title=hard to title, if the NADA value is over $500 you will need a 3 year bond for atleast the low value on NADA. there is a bunch of paperwork to fill out, vin inspection by someone with a badge, (police, sheriff deputy, any law enforcement, etc), pictures of bike,a form that states what you did to find the owner
currently they are on a power trip and my last one was rejected for a minor detail, I've since filled the form out to there liking and re-submitted
the titled will be bonded for 3 years, after 3 years you can apply for a "clean" title

not to mention they are way behind locally for even getting plates on new rigs, there are cars running around town with 3 month expired temp tags waiting for the paperwork to come in, and then schedule an appointment.

overall it is much easier if the owner had the title in there name at some point, they can fill out a form and have a new title issued in their name and then sell/transfer to you. I've given/paid some money to previous owners for there time, just cause it is easier to have the title.

in Montana titles need to be notorized for transfer.

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