Getting set to install new gauges....

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Jul 18, 2007
Merced, CA
Getting set to install new gauges....first problem

So I just got my set of Autometer gauges today...

pyro, oil pressure, and coolant temp...

The pyro and oil I think I am clear on how and where I will be installing them.

The coolant one I have a couple of questions about.

There are two ports in the thermostat housing.
The close up pic shows them.
My questions are:

1) Why are both of them being used?
2) Since I don't care if my factory gauge works any more does it matter which port I use.
3) Are there any other ports I can use?

This is a 3B.
I did a search which lead finding the ports on the housing.

Thanks in advance!!

thero close up.jpg
thermo far.jpg
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I think the brown plug is your engine temp and the green one is part of the glow plug timimg control??
I think the brown plug is your engine temp and the green one is part of the glow plug timimg control??

cool thanks for the info....since this is a FJ with a 3B transplant, that function is no longer being used. I have a button I push...
That being said I will probably pull the green one just because....

correct - and you will have to use the autometer sensor.

No problem, just hope the nut fits.....

Thanks again!

so got started tonight.....and up crops my first issue

The probes and nut are only slightly different sizes...:mad:

Any other areas I can stick the not there :eek:

Or do I need to get a different size probe from Autometer?

temp probes.jpg
there are different probes available - or there are adaptors that will work if the probe itself is smaller than the original threaded hole.

Or - you could remove the thermo housing and tap it to whatever size you like
The new probe is larger and longer. It fits snuggly into the hole, but I don't know if it will go in far enough to allow the threads to start even if the hole was large enough.

I have sent a query to Autometer....see how long that takes...

Do you mind if I ask where that coolant hose coming out of your housing goes??? My 3b had a plug there and I took it our and enlarged the opening behind the threads with a dremel tool and put my new gage probe in there. Works great. Tim
oh I mind you asking......:D

umh...let me go look and follow it....

I also found these adapters just need to figure out what size the current thread is....

Auto Meter

it appears to my untrained I it is a heater supply line.

There is one coming from the water pump and the one from the thermo housing. I would expect one is for the rear heater and other the front.

Do I win a prize?

Heater hose

The 60 3b hoses have seperate lines feeding the rear heater that travell over the transmission, you kinda of see it in this picture? I disconnected and plugged the extra one when the new 3b went into my BJ42
I do win a prize!!!
does anyone know what the threads are on the OEM temp gauge. The adapters I have found from Autometer come in 1/2 and 3/8. Obviously 1/2 is to big since that is the size of the nut that comes with the gauge. But 3/8 doesn't look small enough either. Then again I'm not that good at telling thread sizes by looking. The photo in post 5 shows the OME probe next to the Autometer one.

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Hey Tim
Here's how I did mine.It's an Autometer.Wish I could remember where I found the addaptor.Somewhere on the internet. Should be easy to find.:cheers:
Pyro 026.jpg
Pyro 030.jpg
That should do it. It would have been nice to place the probe where u wanted. Would like to see some more pics of the finished product:)
Moe--post your pics for all to see. I'm solving these same problems. Thanks, Joe
I wouldn't say you suck at details--No way! that was a great re-direction. thanks!

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