GA Cruisers' April Durhamtown Event

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GA Cruisers is hosting an event at Durhamtown Off-road Park in Union Point GA on the weekend of the 25th of April. I would like to know who has plan to attend. If someone has plans, the original topic would be easily understood.
I'm gonna be there along with a bunch of the other Georgia Cruisers members as this event will be our annual this year. More info will be posted in the next few days in the GA cruisers clubhouse thread.
Yep there will be a day off wheeling at durhamtown, followed by a big cookout/ small raffle/ camp out at some property owned by one of the members. Date is set for April 17-19 (friday-sunday).
If you haven't been to durhamtown, theres plenty of trails suitable for any full sized rig from stock to heavily built. We'll update with more information when its all decided.
Hope some of y'all can make it :)
hmm, that isnt so far away. i might bust out the old taco and go for a ride.
I will be there. We are trying to decide on lodging. We might tent camp. If we do not stay over night, what will be the best day to come for the cookout and all? I guess that I could wait for more info from the site.
i have some friends that live at reynolds plantation, going to give them a call about crashing there a night or might just drive home. dude, athens is closer than dublin.
I might make this.
So the 25th? I am getting conflicting dates. Some threads show the weekend of the 18th.
It was scheduled for the 25th at the beginning of the year, but it was moved back a week to the April 17-19. What we usually do is meet up on Saturday at Durhamtown and wheel for the day and then head over to one of our member's property (about 20 minutes away) where he and others have spent the day roasting a pig and making a bunch of other great food. You can camp over at his property with the rest of the club and eat for a fee that hasn't been determined yet, but that information will come in the next few weeks closing in on the event.
Sounds great, already got somebody willing to spot for me and camp out. Is drinking permitted?
Sounds great, already got somebody willing to spot for me and camp out. Is drinking permitted?

Yep there will be plenty of capable spotters and camping spots haha. And yes drinking is allowed at the camp out!

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