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Dec 17, 2007
Sydney, Australia
I've owned hdj81, and hzj105 (NA diesel).
I loved both of them for different reasons.

The hdj81 was a beast off-road, and with boost and fuel wound up, was fun to drive on road too.

I currently have a fzj80, and am really happy with it too.
I'd like another diesel 80, but can't justify the huge premium in price even here in Australia where 30%+ of cruisers are diesel.

I’m a college student

In this case, I'd stick with what you know rather than go into another vehicle with unknown history

The rust on the diesel would be a hard no for me.

Same for me, run away, don't walk, don't look back!

These vehicles are getting to an age where they need a steady trickle of cash and PM to keep them in good working shape mechanically etc.

Having to also deal with tinworm on top of all that is a no go for me. Just bleeds far too much time and dollars to keep it in less than solid condition.
If it was a cruiser your already owned, and had invested in setting it up, and rust appeared, then deal with it, but to go into it knowing it's in that state, faark no!
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Nov 4, 2010
Langley, BC
Thanks for your help. If I go the import route I’ll definitely keep that in mind. You mind sharing some of the prices that HDJ has been going for these days. The import company I contacted wants a deposit in order to start the hunt and I’m still trying to do more research. I would love 3x locked low mileage HDJ but if I can get one without lockers at a good price in good condition and price, I’d be inclined to put them on after.

Most exporters will require something like $1000 deposit. It would be a bit silly for them to not require something since they could be left "holding the bag" if they place a bid for you with no deposit.

Low mileage, triple locked HDJ81 I'd guess is going to be $20k CAD just in purchase price. Of course that depends on what you think is low mileage. With the age, I'd take low mileage as 150k kms or less. The prices range a lot based on what you are looking for. Want a low mileage ( <150k km), Grade 4, triple locked HDJ81 with 5 spd? $$$$ Want an unlocked, Grade 3.5-3, auto with 200k+ kms? Much more reasonable and the price between the two can be $10k CAD or more. At least this as been my experience in the past. I haven't imported anything for 3-4 years, so I'm a bit out of the game.

In this case, I'd stick with what you know rather than go into another vehicle with unknown history

Definitely agree with this!

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