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Jul 1, 2011
New to the site. Purchased a '75 FJ40 last year that was a frame-off restoration. No real modifications except a slight lift. I have had to perform minimal maintenance, but being military and gone a lot, she doesn't get driven much. Looks very similar to the neighbor's cruiser that I had always admired when I was much younger. Just had to have it.

Some background: I had replaced and bled the clutch slave cylinder, then tried to start. She turned over, but used the last amount of battery doing it. Jumped it from my car, but she wouldn't even turn over. After looking around, I noticed the fusible link had separated in two, between the quick disconnects from the positive terminal.
I conducted a word search on IH8mud and found some great info, but what captured my attention was what appears to be a quick disconnect leading into a green cylinder. What is that?

The only fusible link I have is the one wire leading from the positive post that has two quick disconnects; it is between these two quick disconnects where the line physically separated. Need some guidance. Do I need this green cylinder and is this what causes the price for a replacement to be so expensive?

Not a gifted engineer, but the Navy has taught me a bit about electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems.

Any help/guidance you can provide would be most appreciated.
Many thanks,
All you need is a continuous (not open) fusible link in the positive battery wire to the ammeter. I don't know what the green cylinder is that you mention. A lot of connectors on mid-70s FJ40s are green plastic. Are you referring to a connector of some sort? Got a photo?
You can get a universal link at any auto store and just splice it in. I think I used a 14 guage. Is that green cylinder possibly a fuse holder?
I saw this under the FJ60 site:

Here is my attempt to post the picture: The two pieces of the fusible link are on the battery with both quick disconnects at the top and bottom of the photo:

Trying again from the computer:
The fusible link is in two pieces laying on the disconnected battery. The two quick disconnects are at the top and bottom of the photo.
Ignore what you saw on the 60 pages. The green cylinder is just a connector.

You have what you need. Fix or replace your fusilble link.
Once you've figured out why it went, another option is to install a fuse. The Painless wiring harness puts a 70A fuse in place of the fisible link. What you're wanting this to do ia protect the main wiring from the alternator/battery, through the ammeter to your fuse box.
more info on fusible links

I found this website about fusible links: Catalog


Hope this helps for a better understanding of the how and why.


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