Fuse block fried

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Nov 11, 2010
Ca./S.C. Now living in the Philippines Moving back
Well the wife and I were going to town the other day and the distinctive smell of wires was in the air. Got it home okay luckily because we were just a few blocks away. Disconnected the battery first thing then I took a look. The ignition activated section was toast.. To make a long story short. I repaired and replaced everything and rewired the brake lights blah blah blah. Everything works great except when I turn on the headlights my left front signal will not work. When I turn the headlights off it works. :confused: I replaced the stop light switch with a new one and no matter how I adjust it the brake lights stay on until I unplug the switch, then I plug it back in the brake light work fine. Then it will repeat itself.:bang: A ground maybe? Any ideas?
Brake light is more of a mystery. Was it a stock switch? Sounds like an issue with the switch... Sticking?
Thanks Smurf, I will check all of them front to back. We are flooded here over 100,000 evacuated. I'm trying to get my truck going in case there is 4x4 help needed for delivering supplies etc. Take care my friend. :)
It is a mystery to me as well. 1st replacement was a stock switch 2nd was not but worked great until the fuse box episode.
I would suspect the second switch sustained some damage when you fried your fusebox. Can you open your switch to see if there was a short inside on a contactor?

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