Full float axle conversion

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Jan 11, 2003
El Paso, Texas
I have read some posts and wonder which route is the best for a full float coversion on my 1985 FJ60. I have seen the posts on the Poly performance axles. They appear to be a swap in conversion using the same axle housing vs getting a whole new (used) housing from SOR. Or is there another option I am missing?

Uh...I'm not sure what you're saying. You can not make a full float axle out of a semi-float axle. Not without a whole lot of fabrication skill and know-how.

The full float axle housings have spindles on the ends, much like the front axles. These spindles are not present on the semi-float axle housings.

Check around, you may be able to find a FF axle housing and axles from a cheaper source than SOR. Try Cruiserparts.net. He has some sometimes.
I don't know all the details but you should look at the flange adapter that ruff stuff has on their web site.

Another way would be to buy a complete axle assembly from CA (full floater).

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