Fuel tank rust :(

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May 12, 2003
Austin, TX
So I've got a MAF 55gal main tank, I was having starting issues and rebuilt my Bosch lift pump. Long story short, I'm now recycling much more diesel to the tank than I was before. This has exasperated another issue I didn't realize I had, there is rust in my tank and it's clogging up my pre & primary fuel filters:frown: I really don't want to give up my big tank, has anyone had good luck cleaning and lining one of these? Did you do it yourself with POR15/Red-Kote? Have it done at a radiator shop? It's not leaking, just has rust inside ...

Help appreciated :)

I did clean my tank, but did not line it.

What kind of pre-filter are you running?

My Pig sat for a while before I got her running, but I have noticed now much less debris in my pre-filter.

I run one of those clear plastic NAPA filters, I think it is p/n 3002

Ige has a cool glass case one that you can dis-assemble.

I've used the red-kote on tractor tanks :meh: really can't say how they're holding up.

If you want to be sure and spend some money go to this company. I had my M37 redone by them, great job. http://gastankrenu.com/loc/tx.htm. Seems this is the only one in Texas.

P.S. I had my long range tank for the SLOW 71 steamed and flushed out, but it wasn't rusty. They are so heavy, I had all I could do just lifting it.

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