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Dec 7, 2005
Greetings Cruiser Folk,

I badly need the bennifit of your experience. My 88 cruiser decided for the first time ever not to start. Well, she fired, ran on a few, then died. Again, fired, ran on a few, at which time I jumped out, opened the hood to give it a listen (got a few seconds worth) and she died. Valve train was knocking louder than usual ( I did know I needed to adjust lash), engine running rough.

Intake system - clear of obstruction.

Ignition system - pulled #6 plug, it was ugly (still stock!!!) but firing spark.

Fuel system - Relay kicking, tank pressurizing (venting when I removed gas cap)

SO, I let it sit and think about what it had done, came out a few hours later, and tried to start it - Same thing...ran on a few, then died - couldn't get her to fire again. I figured it must be a fuel obstruction under pressure blocks flow, then when system de-pressurizes, possible falls out of place allowing me to get a sputter start.

Ignition system - replaced all plugs and wires to eliminate variables. Also measured compression. #4 =0psi. Everyone else was between 110-120psi. OK - not good, but she should still fire and run on 5, RIGHT?

Fuel system - changed fuel filter, it was clogged, but I could still blow through it. Needed changing. Got a sputter start - then nothing.

So - Injectors clogged? Cold Start stuck open = Rich Misfire? I'm hesitant to fix #4 w/out getting to the bottom of the fuel system first, would like to have all parts on hand for the fix.

It was -9F this morning, and my bicycle ride to work was cold...Any relevent inputs would be appreciated.



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