Fuel pump replacement

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Apr 18, 2017
Richmond VA
so I'm in the middle of trouble shooting my fj60, waiting on vacuum line but I have a new fuel pump so I figured I'd put it on just to rule that out of the question. Just took the old one off and I know there's suppose to be a spacer but I can't seem to tell is this the spacer and it's just stuck on there? Nothing else came off with the pump thanks
If you look carefully, you can see that the spacer is stuck on the block because it's black and smooth. All you need is one new gasket to place between it and the pump flange. Clean off the spacer carefully so that the gasket seals to it. Coat the gasket with a thin film of grease before installing new pump.
Is it just the lighting or is there a break/dent near the hole on the right (front side of engine) between the hole and the cam location port? If that is dented I would probably look at replacing that spacer just for piece of mind.
IF that’s the spacer it looks too thin. It just about a 1/4” thick. It will stick off the block by that much or so too. To me that looks only like a thin paper gasket?
Edited... I zoomed in and it looks like that IS the spacer. Wipe it off. I added a thin smear of fipg on both sides of the gasket that came w/ my pump. You can but you don’t have to.
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