Fuel Pump Question

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Mar 20, 2009
Panama City Fl
I'm an FJ60 noob,and unfortunately not a gearhead at all. 1987 4 speed with the 2f still in there. The mechanic I use replaced the fuel pump last week, but it was bad or went bad and I found that out soon after.

He is ordering a new one,he had a spacer in there and all that..so it may have just been a bad one;but I'm curious...is there anything that could have caused it to go bad that fast? I just don't want to get stuck having to put it in the shop again because it goes out a second time,and the we figure out that something is causing it, and the part itself is not the problem.
What exactly went bad ? It wouldn't pump - it leaked ?

I had a brand new Kyosan (OEM) and it leaked from the git-go. Returned it and got a new one and all is well.

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