Front Panhard drop bracket?

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Mar 28, 2010
Can someone explain to me why isn't there a front panhard drop bracket like they sell for the rear on the MAF website? I mean if the rear drop bracket drops the panhard to the factory location for a 4 in lift..... Why isn't there a drop bracket for the front?

Same theory.... Right?:confused:
If you change the mounting of the Panhard in the front you change the angle. If you change that you also need to match the angle of the steering drag link to the new angle of the panhard or you will create massive bumpsteer. that doesn't matter in the rear because there is no steering involved back there.
Now I understand. No steering in the rear.

Thats why some members use the stock panhards. When the suspension compresses.... (on a stock panhard, no bracket) panhards move to a stock location. Although when lifted, the stock panhards (more increase in height) moves offcentered, but doesn't affect steering. But moves the axle off centered from the body of the LC.

How about adjustable panhards? Wouldn't there be rubbing on the drivers side compared to the passengers> or visa versa (dont remember where the panhard mounts left or right). Lengthen panhards fully compressed shifts the axle a couple of inches when fully compress.

I am just asking because I am about to do a full J's lift (ome850j in front) with 15x9 rims with 35x12.5. Probably a spacer up front (more lift).

but trying to go with a adjustable panhard in the front (cheap ironman panhard) with rear MAF drop bracket in the rear.

Or just keep the front looking cockeyed.....

Ohh year I'm going to do a Slee or homebrew caster plate. Why waste money on alignments?

Money doesn't grow on trees, but I'm hoping my proper 4" lift will cost me under $800 .

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