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Oct 6, 2008
Calgary, Alberta - Canada
I'll be working on rebuilding my front brake calipers shortly, I was wondering, while I am at it, if there is any sort of Preventative Maintenance that can be done to the front end (birfields, hubs..etc). I am not talking about rebuilding the whole front end, just any PM or inspection you would usually do or recommend.
P.S. I already replaced the front diff oil..

Open up your knuckle plugs (upper front side of knuckles, square ended plugs) & check your grease. It prolly wouldn't hurt to pump in some NGLI#2 chassis grease. My FSM calls it "Molybdenum disulphide lithium base chassis grease". And of course your front wheel bearings. Repack or at least check that there's plenty of grease (different grease here - lithium base multipurpose or wheel bearing grease) and no traces of water. Check your preload setting on the wheel bearings (plenty of threads here to search for correct setting - more than 1 way to skin the cat). That should keep you busy for a while:rolleyes:. There's lots to do but any disassembly would require having seals and bearings with you in advance. Even for just repacking the wheel bearings you should've got seals and SST for adjustment first. I'd recommend reading up on it here, first. Then dig in to it.:wrench:
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