front differential third member question

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Feb 16, 2016
denver colorado
morning all, i am having an issue where the nuts on my third member keep coming loose, i am replacing the gasket again and pulling the third member in the next couple of weeks, i was wondering if any one knows about the studs that hold the third member in place, what the pitch is if they are available etc. I would like to change all the hardware while I am in there, but I would like to have them on hand, prior to disassembly. Thanks in advance!
Your dealer either has them or can get them in a day or two.
Your dealer either has them or can get them in a day or two.
@landtank has a stud kit to help prevent the issue.
Mine used to come lose on hard core trail rides before I trussed the axle housing.
It’s a know issues with hard core wheelers.
Big tires most likely play a part.
It's semi common for guys on Australia to upgrade these to 10mm hardware.
They can come loose with hard wheeling.

I had one that kept coming loose.

I drilled and tapped the housing 10mm threads, and installed M10x1.0 grade 11.9 button head cap screws from inside the housing.
Redrilled the holes in the pumpkin to 10.5mm.
Then locktited screws in place

You can put a lot more torque on the larger, high tensile hardware
For hard use, I agree, these joints are part of the pre-trip bolt check. There's usually one or two that take a bit of a turn. For everyone else, torque them, then torque them again after a few days. The gasket can take a set and relax a wee bit.
Search will yield some interesting info on this. This is a reason many choose to use rtv/fipg instead of a paper gasket. A year ago I went rtv, it leaked then a couple months ago completely let go (though i think it was partially due to me wrestling the diff back in place and ruining the bead). Last month I went in and redid it all, this time with the axle out of the truck. Many loose nuts. I put it all together with Toyota fipg and blue loctite, and feel 100% confident in it now.

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