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Jun 10, 2003
Columbia, SC
I was looking at Cristo's site and notiaced one of the customer rigs had a custom slee front bumper. I really like the SOF bumper for its clearence and strong look, but I like the ARB because of its full front design where as the slee only comes with a Safari bar type hoop. I saw this one and got me wondering. Has anyone else done a similar mod? If so how much was it? Also is it nessicary? I like the look but does the full front protection give benefits? Thanks!
Depends on what you are using it for. Those that crawl rocks want the most clearance and most don't have a need for the extra protection.

Those that don't crawl rocks, and live in deer or other large varmit country definitely want the protection an ARB provides.
Jon9 - any local fab dude can just bend you up some tube and weld on in almost any design you want. That's what Robin, the dude's truck you're looking at, had done.

I wanted the approach angles that Christo's bumper offered, and I need some deer protection since I have a tendency to explode deer.

If you plan to get additional guards for Christo's bumper you may want to see about getting one that is not yet powder-coated. You may be able to save some money. After you weld whatever else you want on it, it would need to be recoated any way. In addition, you would not have to worry about "freight damage" to the finish in transit.

Jon, just get the ARB. You know there are no rocks to crawl in SC anyways. ;) I made it to Tellico this weekend, only about 4 1/2 hours from you. :D :D
Well there are rocks at ummmm, uhhh. Ok good point. It sucks being in Central SC, like they say 5 hours away from everything. I'm close to getting the OME then the ARB :D.

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