front axle rebuild woes (1 Viewer)

Nov 26, 2012
Salem, OR
So this last spring a lc with locking axles finally appeared in the local wrecking yard after searching for a long time. Needless to say I swooped them up. The truck had taken a severe hit between the driver side doors nearly folding it in half. But the axles seemed to miss the carnage so I didn't hesitate.

Over the summer I got the rear installed and running, swap went smooth like butter. But I had to wait on the front to afford the parts for rebuilding the knuckles

Now that I'm finally tearing it down it seems the axle may be bent a little. The axle was riding a little off center, the upper trunion bearing race was obliterated, and now the axles don't want to pop out of the diff.

I know searching basically tells me the housing is probably bent, but I was wondering if cutting the housing, and swapping the locker into another is my only option, or could something else inside be bent and replaced. Also, any other tricks for getting the freaking axle out?

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