French Pig

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Apr 21, 2019
Hello all,

I would like to join your community. I think I will have later a lot of questions...

Living in France, I’m a Land Cruiser enthusiast. we have 7 Land Cruisers at home, from 1977 BJ40 to 2005 HDJ100. And a 2009 FJ Cruiser. The last arrived is a FJ55.

It’s a 1979 FJ55. I bought it in Switzerland last year. 1000km from home. There are very few units in Europe.

It’s a european version : No front disk brakes, no power steering, but rear heater and « ambulance » doors. 16’ split rims and 7.50 R16 tires.

It’s running : it starts and move. But it’s not able to travel. It was « sleeping under a tree » during the last 14 years,

It need some work. I will certainely upgrade steering and brakes using 1979 US configuration. And it will be again « Olive Green » and white. Color code 276 = 653 and 031, as mentioned on Toyota plate. I have also the original split rims in the garage.

I want to get technical control in 2019, before thinking to a total restoration.




Hello Sam. Welcome to the sty. Good find. How did you found the Piggie?. I didn't saw it anywhere on the usual internet places.
Nice. I am not alone anymore in France.
You're not anymore alone in France ! By the way, I know there is another one in "Bretagne".

I had some chance. I don't kow if you heard about garage Bandieri in Switzerland. It's a Toyota garage. The owner, Marc, got also a FJ55. He's a friend of a friend. So I heard about this one before he put an add on a website. As the price was honest and after a long conversation by phone and a video he sent to me, I booked and paid the FJ without seeing it. He just asked me to repair it and not to use it for selling spare parts.
I went 6 month later in Switzerland to bring it back on a trailer. Custom fees is paid. I got the "FFVE" attestation. I still need to pass technical control to register it and to move it out of the garden.
Welcome Sam! Looks like you found a nice one and you have a great resource with Tatat. Good luck with it and look forward to seeing your progress.
Welcome. There’s a lot of information and great folks on here to help. Nice looking ride.
Welcome and congratulations!!!
Those ambi doors are great! I didn't know they were even an option.
Thank you all for your comments !


What is the date of manufacture (DOM)? It might be stamped on a plate on the B pillar.

Does your Pig have AC?

The '79 tail lights with the ambi-doors is a rare view!

My FJ55 exact configuration is "FJ55LV-KCW". European Market. Built January 1979 and sold to the first owner June 1979. My serial number is FJ55-101...

No AC but a rear heater. It seems AC was only for the US Market. As I live near a skiing stations (10 minuts driving), and as outside T° rarely exceed 25°C here, it's not a priority for me.
Hello !

That's a long time I haven't posted news...

The FJ55 and it's owner still alive...

I did a complete mechanical review : cleaning, change all fluids, electricity, etc.

Well. September 2019, the FJ55 has been able to pass the technical control. It's now registered in France, and I’m officially the owner.

I want to keep a 1979 configuration. Just addind options that mine didn’t have : Front brake disks and power steering weren’t available in Europe as in the US.

End of 2019, I changed front brakes system : Disks instead of drums. Not necessarely more efficient, but easiest to maintain and to adjust. Disks, calipsters, and knuckles come from a 1983 BJ42, and the FJ55 master cylinder was bought in the US. I installed also Aisin manual locking hubs coming from the same BJ42.

A little bit later, I bought everything to install power steering. OEM steering box, brackets and pump, second crankshaft pulley. It makes a big difference !

I bought during 2020 a lot of parts, waiting for install : bodymount kit (Toyota 4runner), all weatherstrips, vintage style radio, OEM antenna, door panels (smsheadliners), wheel caps, etc. Thanks to IH8MUD members for tips and addresses!

Since that date, I'm waiting the opportunity to cross the border to bring my FJ55 to my usual coachbuilder…

What I still have to do : bodywork. Exhaust have to be changed, seats cover also...
Unfortunately fot the FJ55, I found a eighth Cruiser last year... A 1981 LHD HJ47.
As it was easiest for me, I spent more time to fix it. But I do not forget my 55...




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