Free VHS movies 4 boxes worth

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John Smith

In the garage
Jun 7, 2004
Since everyone seems to be giving stuff away this month...

I have four boxes of VHS movies I would like to get out of the basement so I can refill the space with Cruiser parts. I inherited these from my Uncle who amassed a varied collection of tapes over the years. Everything from Dr. Zhivago to How to Hunt Whitetail. Sorry, but there is no p0rn.

Don't miss your chance to scoop up lots of movies in a dead format today!
How to Hunt Whitetail.
That would make a great porn title, are you sure thats not porn? :hillbilly:
any random B-movies that come to mind?

anything with Bruce Cambell?

Knowing my Uncle I am pretty sure there will be some worse than B movies in there. If I get some time today I will dig through a few boxes and see what is in them.
Inside the first box... Almost complete collection of Star Trek movies along with a few softcore vids like Playboy playmates. At the bottom of the box were "Orgy of the Dead" by Ed Wood and "Bad Girls from Mars" an 80s B. If you want these I can try to get Dan or Dan to Mudship them to you at MudFling.

After what I found in the first box I may dig out the rest and see what other hidden gems are in there.
sweet. i'll take the b-movies. Someone else can take the spank vids.
Yea, i'll be at mudfling if anyone wants to tote them there for me.


This is an all or nothing deal. You get 4 boxes of mixed movies. You can sell or giveaway what you don't want. Donate what you don't want to the raffle at the event if they will take them. I just want all the boxes gone. I guess it also depends on whether or not I can get Dan F or Dam M to Mudship them to you. Let me know.
Think they'd all fit into an army Duffel bag? I could prob swing that, or wait till the next meeting/ breakfast thing.

They may all fit in one of those bags. It is a moot point anyway if Dan or Dan don't have room to haul them down there. Dan F. I know you must have seen this thread; will you have any room?

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